Friday, September 2, 2011

eBook Business - New York times bestseller list evens field

The New York Times is also non-fiction and fiction electronic books or eBooks, in their lists. Because it is the most famous are the bold step adDress? According to Janet Elder, director of news surveys for The New York Times: "It was clear that a growing percenTAGe eBooks largest were in total sales, and we wanted to be able to our readers, the securities were sold and telling how they fit together with a turnover of the press. "

For those who do not know whoBestseller list, along with the editors of "News Surveys" departMent, and not for the New York Times Book Review section led. The list is compiled weekly sales reports from a number of independent bookstores and chains, wholesalers and some books in the United States.

Field Book

Including eBooks NYT bestseller list is always important for two reasons:

eBook Business - New York times bestseller list evens field

1 - The seismic shift in the publishing world now recognizes Printdigitally. Even after Mrs. Elder, "We started our eye on e-book sales as e-books," said Ms. Elder. "It was clear that e-books have been on an increasing share of total sales, and we wanted to be able to our readers, such securities were sold and how they fit together to tell stories with the sales of the press."

Like Rocket eReader to sales, offered free electronic books on the New York Times list distorted information about the popularity of a book.According to the Association of American Publishers, eBook sales in the first three quarters of 2001 199.000.000 $ shots over the same period last year, from $ 105,600,000 to $ 304,600,000. eBook sales should increase even more in 2011, and anticipates revenues of approximately $ 1000000000

Richard Tanenhaus, editor of the book review, said the choice was made ​​for eBooks on the bestseller lists of The New York Times "to be the most complete and accuratesnapshot of what books should be possible at some point you have to read the largest possible number of different formats, and e-books are really evolved, no doubt. "The new list will be readers of" the most complete picture of how we can give them a book allows a weekly basis, "he added.

Amazon, the world's largest bookseller, reported that sales of e-books more than doubled its sales of printed books.

2 - Inserting eBooksThe New York Times bestseller list as a competition between the traditionally self-published authors and writers digital. While the New York Times, it is not clear if they are also self-published eBooks at this time is certain that they have when you go for a couple of self-published books viral digital.

Self-published books, both the old "vanity press" books a decade ago, the new print-on-demand books,or self-published eBooks be used to get bad press. Their authors were considered inferior, such as those administered a traditional village editorial, especially since all of this for a person who has also published the option of paying the cost of printing (instead of quality) was.

Just as many were singing careers through self-funded organization has started a musician on YouTube, there are inevitably writing career has gone from viral eBooks can be started. Be entered with the opportunity to be in the NYT bestseller list, iSnow it is even more important for eBook authors ins-and-out self-publishing for the promotion and marketing.

eBook Business - New York times bestseller list evens field

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