Thursday, August 25, 2011

Criticism by Lynne McTaggart's book, "The Field"

An investigative journalist, and without scientific expertise, the author explores areas not mapped with the field. Alternatively, rather than studies that examined the zero-field theory Lynne advanced communications, which in part confirmed in private interviews, essays, journals and line of books by Ph Meters and nanoseconds, some experiMents can not distinguish between a wave or a particle, depending on the method. Moreover, the theory advanced intelligence for "The Field" and must somehow integrate the communication of science in quantum mechanics and quantum wave theory of relativity, despite treatMent and nuclear orbital angular moMentum and the forces of stability mysterious as inciting more .

Lynnedoes everything mentioned in various sources of experimental work with the qualities of light, even the animal life and the taking of plants and light-emission in order to maintain balance, even parts of the body of restitution, "because a tumor like compound have cancer because they are permanently blocked this. can not work more light and encryption, so photo-repAir "tells how the cell function and mental perception occurs at a much higher level of matter:" the world underground quantum particles do not Display the objects by themselves, but only their quantum information processing and built by our image of the world in a matter of setting the zero point field ".

Field Book

A field full of energy curriculum examined under the pseudonym of the author, teleology telepathy. We can his efforts as a theory of visual sum "according to the substructure and the universe is essentially a storage medium for all, provision of resources for everything to communicate with the rest."

Criticism by Lynne McTaggart's book, "The Field"

Although theseBook> is linguistically lazy, the book will awaken the mind's ability to work in fields not usually investigate and publicize the strong increase awareness of the forces shaping human knowledge. In truth, we are living in a historical memory of intelligence, in fact, here you can think ahead of the curve and travel unpredictable.

Further work dealing with the path to advanced knowledge, thinking the imponderable in the field of metaphysics andFaced with a language such as unpredictable in its secret mode is set, are available and promise to surprise at every turn. Our desire is to stimulate the curiosity to introduce new ideas and challenge the ideas and positions that are not consistent with syllogistic. A wonderful world of knowledge awaits the curious.

Criticism by Lynne McTaggart's book, "The Field"

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