Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Book Review - The Field - The search for the secret force of the universe

Arrival to write all kinds of books and it is always difficult to decide. For this edition, I decided to write the book The Field: The Quest for the secret force of the Universe (HarperCollins). This is a book about the new vision of energy and its relationship to healing and other issues. Then came a book and I had to write about it: If you change your life or the desire would be: how to survive and prosper in uncertain times (WilliamMorrow). The title is an act very descriptive of its contents. The idea came to me to think what to write those two books, on topics as diverse, they had to teach us. This has shown me a new perspective on an old theme.

The field, by Lynne McTAGgart is on what they found investigative journalist, who is poised to become a revolution in science. Refers to the theory of the "zero point field." You've probably heard that theSize of the space between the electrons is much, much, much larger than the size of electrons. The same applies to the planets of our solar system. Have you ever wondered why you wasted all that space? Well, this is the zero point field theory on how the space in between, where is the power! In the space between the unifying field that collects the whole of creation, is his life. And 'where is "nothing" that the important things happened! As scientists begin to learn to usethis energy, things are different. The boundless energy of empty space, one day, allow us to Aircraft powered by something like a ray radio, if you recognize the picture from a story by Edgar Cayce. It has enormous implications for healing, especially what we call spiritual healing, or spiritual healing at a distance.

Field Book

We try to find the second book, When life changes, by Carol Adrienne, a guide for dealing with change. Among his other films, the authorCo-author with James Redfield to accompany the workbook for The Celestine Prophecy. And 'to write this book, because we find it difficult to change. It often happens to us, and we must adapt. Sometimes we want to start, but it's hard. What seems to be one of the paradoxes of life: life is change, we are alive, but we can not deal with change! He writes this book explains how to deal with. I'm alive, I spent a lot of changes, both voluntary andunintentionally, and I in his book, many good ideas, suggestions and especially to identify an approach to change. She is a teacher of intuition, and she teaches intuitive methods for us in harmony with the natural flow of change. During the break - let them take a break and not call it a block - between the status quo and what is happening inside there is a creative restlessness. It is not a deep black hole of anxiety and fear, it seems, but rich, creamy, creative restlessness, as what happens whenThe caterpillar in its cocoon, it is completely dissolved in a liquid, but is still not a butterfly. Been in this mess? His book is like an elixir to make great changes of that stuff.

Book Review - The Field - The search for the secret force of the universe

The first book is how the world really is not made ​​of things. E 'energy. And the energy is not really one thing. There is more space between what we call things. In his life in space in-between the energy is really an event, an event reporting.

Nowbecause people find it difficult to change, if change is the stuff of life? I think it's because we think of as "entities", in other words, things! But we are not really things that are for the cells of our body continually replaced. We have events in the process. We have stories! Well, what makes a story? A story not about the condition of things, but in different conditions of things, or about the changing relationship between people and circumstances.

It is not what exists,is a story, is what happens-Ying, what exists, what it means to take place. Change is difficult for us because we identify with the conditions of our lives, not our relationship with these conditions. According to the field, there is not much in terms of energy as such. The strength lies in what is one of the conditions. Learning to cope with the changes with grace, is to learn, therefore, be comfortable with that space between the "you" who knew and loved at some point in timeand "you" that you know and love later, is essentially one who teaches the exercises, when life changes. To be in a position to know that now is the time to make changes to, or how to embrace change when it happens, the spiritual leap - a couple of old metaphors - from a bump on a log with the wave in water . You probably recognize these images and make connections with the well known metaphysical teachings of personal transformation. If so,They have a feeling, how to live with dignity in the space between you and your history course.

Book Review - The Field - The search for the secret force of the universe

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