Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Field Guide to the spiritual battle by Michael J Norton

The Ministry of Deliverance World Ministries Ministry and the Ministry M16 strike Night in San Francisco

In his book "A Field Guide to the spiritual battle" Michael J. Norton, founder of the M16 Ministries, describes his work as a team leader for the ministry to strike at night the homeless, drug addicts and prostitutes on the streets of San Francisco. He tells stories and evidence of broken lives that are bound by sin, who have experienced the miracleLiberation was the freedom from the power of obsession.

Field Book

Norton talks about his personal testimony and tells of his introduction to "Supernatural." He describes his experience at the service of evangelization and evangelization prophetic power. He refers to other episodes of his deliverance prayer service called "Night Strike" team leader.

A Field Guide to the spiritual battle by Michael J Norton

The guide is thoroughly researched and well docuMented. Norton is the biblical story of entry into the world of sin, and theThe message of the Gospel. It reminds the reader of the importance of recognizing the authority of Christ available to the Christian and under attack by Satan.

Norton founded the service M16 (Based on the news of Mark 16) in 2007 to treat a global service to the sick and cast out demons. M16 is also reaching the lost, the ministry during the liberation of prisoners and victims fall prey to spiritual warfare. Individuals in combat with satanicDemonic forces and control. Michael provides guidelines and examples of exorcism, deliverance, and steps to expel evil spirits. He talks about tactics used to confront voodoo, shamanism, Satanism, and masked.

I found Norton writes catchy. Every story and a testimony of God's presence, the angels maps show specific episodes of liberation and healing of the "power to take from the heavenly realm of the impossible."

"A Field Guide to Spiritual Warfare"is for every believer the desire to see and experience the supernatural power of God in their ministry.

Destiny Image Publishers, Inc. 978-0768436426

Midwest Book Review revised

A Field Guide to the spiritual battle by Michael J Norton

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