Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Stolen Fields by Jean Boggio - Book Review

Colerith Press (2008)
ISBN 9780979933042

"Stolen Fields" is a story of the American Dream gone wrong. It 'a story of hatred, resentMent, ambition and greed. There is also a story of "What If" and "If Only". What happens if the property expropriation had taken Cole? If only Cole's grandfather had been able to build their businesses prosper?

Field Book

Jean says, to grow as a descendant of the strong-willed and lively Cole family. In the early chapters gives the 'Readers an overview of the historical and the harsh working conditions and the economic success of the fertile farm Coles Neville Island near Pittsburgh. The firm of Neville Cole Iceland was known as "The Market Basket of Pittsburgh."

Stolen Fields by Jean Boggio - Book Review

Jean Boggio consistently and fAirly divided into two parts of a story. I felt tied to the family, as I listened as Jean gossip passed on through shared happy stories from one generation to the next, rather than reporting on two completely differentPerceived prospects of the facts.

In the years 1918 and 1919 towards the end of World War II was the U.S. governMent with a plan, provided by the German Krupp Works, the ammunition for the German giant rival. Neville Iceland was chosen for the project location. Government officials cited the process of expropriation of the property be taken for public use. The project had just started when the armistice was signed. The government is no longer needed the land. TheIt 'was made for public auction.

The Cole family devastated by the loss of their homeland, had been in the family for more than one hundred years was held in an attempt to negotiate a fAir market price. After a lot of harassment and fear of arson, have been forced to accept the price set by the government.

The accounts of the family, research papers and historical sources, as well as their memories of Jean Boggio provided the material for this extraordinary performance of the ColesNeville Island and the effects of eminent domain for the dreams of their parents, their children and, finally, to the generations that follow. Although there are feelings of hatred and bitterness of the Cole family members for them is a journey that resonates with a sense of accomplishment, pride and promise.

That is more than a warm nostalgic stroll back in time. Jean vivid descriptions draw the reader in the experience, much of his childhood in Sandy LakeFarm. She has the amazing ability to perform everyday circumstances and events in a fun, humorous stories that often resonate again with simplicity, warmth and reality. Jean uses flashbacks of his childhood. It reveals details about his relationship with his sister, his parents, grandparents, Aunt Gladys, Uncle Robert, Uncle Ned, and their cousins. These colorful characters provide dramatic word pictures bringing excitement to an otherwise routine life for ColesNeville Island. Family photos are included throughout the book to illustrate the events. These pictures add another dimension and a sense of relationship with Cole's family.

I especially enjoyed the opening of the college and Jean reports on his first experiences in New York City. As an aspiring actress, was in tune with the culture beatnik. I appreciated his writing positive, even in light of the love story gone wrong, went out of control, family relationships and personal goalsunparalleled. Jean has won a wide range of professional experience in business, education, and, finally, in the medical field as a nurse.

Strong writing, thorough research and an objective look at the greed that often accompanies to make the process of expropriation "Stolen Fields" a significant contribution to the history and future of a process of restructuring is often misunderstood and misused.

As a memoir writer is with Jean BoggioNarrator. To ensure their vivid descriptions and characterizations, making the enjoyment of his writing to linger long after reading the last chapter. "Stolen Fields" is a rich and enjoyable reading.

Stolen Fields by Jean Boggio - Book Review

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