Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Review: Discovering the Birds of India, Field Guide To Profits

Book Review: Discovering the Birds of India, Field Guide To Profits

"Listening to the chirping of birds, without the chirping of the mind", says Osho. His disciple, Swami Amano Samarpan he has done just that for 20 years to photograph birds and has now published a book practical and attractive. This is an excellent field guide with color photos and easy to capture the amazing ', and the particular beauty color of hundreds of birds from every corner of his sub-continent. Crisp names and brief identifying information for the addBring to use this field.

His book "Birds of India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan," published by Wisdom Tree was an immediate success at the 2006 World Book FAir, New Delhi, and then in the libraries. No wonder the book in a series of conditions. Reviews of this book appeared in all major Indian newspapers. India, common and exotic birds are sensitive, presented in color with their identificationand names to keep in your pocket box. Everyone who visits India and is known for its colorful and beautiful birds enchanted, a copy of this book to find out more about birds and birding enjoy even more.

Samarpan visited India two or three times a year from his home in Britain for meditation and bird photography. Osho became known in 1979 and became a student in 1994. His photographs of Osho Dham bird, New Delhi and Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, haveOsho Osho World and the former time - Osho in two publications were published.

Birds rested and nested and flew and flew to Osho World Galleria, New Delhi, for a week in March 2006 with an exhibition of his photographs and instead has a lot of attention. The photographs are brilliant works of Swami Amano Samarpan, where there are birds in the hills and valleys, plains and deserts, jungles and ravines of India. Most of the birds of India are rarely seen. For SwamiSamarpan Meditation is bird photography, as it requires deep inner peace, one with nature and infinite patience. He says that the identification of birds in nature is not the only reason for the observation of birds, but we have a deep need to be touched by its beauty.

"Tuning in nature is not meditation, but it can help develop a state of meditation," says Samarpan, whose official name is Mark Tracy, but he uses his name to Osho Meditation -. Even the book "is a very naturalbut the spirit that we have lost the art. Birding helps me connect with myself. You can do the same for everyone else. It helps makes the mind more easily as a silent meditation "Samarpan has traveled extensively throughout India and Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet -. meditate and to photograph birds.

At the end of his book, Samarpan answers the question of old age: "What came first the chicken or the egg?" Many can not answer this question assumes that the egg is calledmust be a chicken! In fact, only the chickens for thousands of years ... are the egg has been around for millions of years before the first birds to about 150 million years! Dinosaurs from which birds have laid eggs developed. The answer is: "The egg!"

"A bird flying in the sky without a trace, nor produced any way behind. 'S Why the sky is the truth. Who are free to fly away, but have left no traces, norA path was created. "- Osho.

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